Experience "The Click" and Say GOODBYE To Self-Sabotaging Behavior!

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"The Click" is a process developed by Bob Doyle (The Secret) that can help you eliminate any self-sabotaging behavior in your life.

Bob is offering 1-on-1 sessions to walk you through the process personally for $297 for up to a 3-hour session (includes a midway break.) In that time, we will:

  • Identify the self-sabotaging behavior
  • Identify the benefits and changing the behavior
  • Identify the benefits of NOT changing the behavior
  • Cleary show you the costs of your sabotaging behavior
  • Create "the CLICK" that will allow you to say goodbye to that behavior.
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The video below walks you through the entire "Click" process. You have enough information here to experience it for yourself.

However, if you feel you could benefit from some personal assistance, that is available below the video.