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What's Included!

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At least once a week, Bob conducts a live broadcast covering a particular topic related to the coaching work being done. 

Depending on the needs of the group, the topics could vary to best address what every needs the most in terms of support!

Weekly Livestreamed Lessons

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The Hot Seat gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into the limiting beliefs, resistance and self-sabotage that are holding you back.

Take the seat and let Bob and the group help you with the next steps in reaching your goal.

"Hot Seat" Coaching

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Whether you are starting your day, creating a mindful break in your day or just need to reset your mindset, Bob's library of guided meditations are a great tool to bring you back to center.  

Access to our Entire Meditation Library

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A safe place filled with people just like you who are committed to making change in their lives, our community is a big reason why people continue to come back to our coaching programs.  

A kick-butt Community of People to support and encourage you all along the way.

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No matter where you are or what time zone you're in, you will always have access to the archives of the live sessions, hot seats and all other coaching tools at your fingertips.

All sessions are recorded and archived.

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In addition to the weekly live broadcasts including the Hot Seat sessions, Bob is active daily in the coaching group.  Between answering questions and offering suggestions, you will have more access than you could have thought possible.  There's no hiding in this group!

90 Days of DAILY Access to Bob Doyle

You may qualify for 6 Months of NO PAYMENTS using PayPal Credit upon checkout!

That's right! If you qualify, you can enroll in the program, and experience the entire 90 days and pay NOTHING for 6 months.

Just choose the "PayPal Credit" option to see if you qualify!

Two Enrollment Options


"Here's a highlight quote from this person. Here's a highlight quote from this person. Here's a highlight quote from this person. Here's a highlight quote from this person. "

Featuring the Work of Bob Doyle from "The Secret"

FINALLY see the results you've been hoping for with the Law of Attraction with 90 DAYS of daily personal guidance from Bob Doyle of "The Secret!"

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"I've been looking for ways to feel better for so many years . . . I started to abandon my dreams because they seemed too impossible . . . I'm so glad I did this . . . It was the best thing I ever did for myself."


"It's totally changed my whole world . . . this ball just started rolling . . . these people started coming into my life . . . now I don't control anything and everything seems to happen exactly how I want it."

It's all about RESULTS...

I could sit here an tell you how great the program is all day long, but when it comes down to it, it's really the results of the participants that matters most.


"You're not sitting in a workshop, isolated from the reality of the world. You're in the mix of things that are happening and you're able to get one on one coaching . . .  "


"I was hoping to see the power strengthen even more - and it has . . . it's been incredible . . . it did change me."


"You hear these aha moments that say, "yah, that's what I've been thinking about" . . . you're in there together for a reason . . . that just explodes your experience."

"I just want to mention how grateful I am that I did that  . . .  as we're talking I'm flashing back over many of the very raw moments that I had . . . it's like when a doctor takes you out of pain - you're just so grateful."



"The results have been awesome . . . I know understand the process of visualizing your vision . . . we both have had the most astonishing experiences over the last month."

"I went from being out of the workforce . . . in two weeks from now I'm actually up on stage as part of an orchestra playing to over 1000 people . . . that's all occured in a space of 30 days . . . it's this process that made the difference."



"I never had quite had the fulfilling experience that I just had with Bob Doyle in any of the other programs. . . the difference is Bob Doyle keeps it real, makes it human . . . there's always more to learn."

Next Official Session Starts April 21 2018

But for even MORE time of support, get in RIGHT AWAY!