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"The Lazy Way to Success "

Interview with author, Fred Gratzon

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This is one of those interviews where my excitement shows...a lot.

In fact, when I listen to it, I wince at how I did MY job in it because I was SO excited about finding someone else who agreed so fully with the concept of "effortless success", AND was an undeniable example of it, that I tended to sound a bit...well...goofy at times. :)

Fred Gratzon has written a book that fully explains how and WHY hard work is absolutely NOT the way to success, and NEVER has been. I was literally (but internally) screaming with delight as I read his ideas because they are things I'd been trying to communicate to my friends, family, and Wealth Beyond Reason students for YEARS. But Fred just nails it!

And the best part, as I mentioned, is that he's not just sharing "ideas"...he's sharing his personal experience...and I don't think there is one among you who wouldn't like to experience the level of success that he has, even after not "working" a day in his life!

I believe you'll be as inspired and entertained as I was, and I know for a fact that incorporating his ideas into your life will bring you a new level of unbridled joy and creative freedom - as well as unprecedented success on every level!

If you're interested in the book (which is SUCH a fun read - and one of the few illustrated e-books available!), click here to learn more about how to receive it along with other wonderful resources related to the Lazy Way to Success! I assure you, you will NOT be disappointed in the least, and I'm guessing you'll be wanting to share this book with friends and family!

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