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End of Week Three Thoughts

In this video I mention changing the meal plan starting tomorrow, and I've since clarified that it's actually a WEEK from now that I change over!


Week 3 In Progress - Definitely Getting Results

The video posted for the end of week two spoke of no movement in the scale. However, early in week three I had dropped 3 lbs, and this morning I was in the 186 range, so that's a total of 4 lbs.

Scale weight aside, I can feel a dramatic difference in just about all areas. Although slight, I can see a difference in the mirror and my jeans are already a little more comfortable (the 34s, not the "goal" 32s which will still be on the shelf for a while.


Week 2

This week definitely saw improvement in strength as mentioned in the video below.

I can foresee that I'm really going to have to do something about the weights and configuration setup of my dumbells because they're definitely going to be too light in the next couple of weeks.

My original thought was that I'd modify the exercise to use the Bowflex, kind of like they use bands on the actual P90X videos - and I still may...but I'd really prefer dumbells.  But I'm really not keen to buy a whole set of dumbells, mostly because they're just such a hassle to move! Does that sound pathetic? Probably...


Week 1 with P90 X

As you may have read, I'm writing this as I actually begin week 3, so I'm "remembering" Week 1...but it isn't hard.

What WAS hard was Week 1!

Starting weight: 190

Body Fat: Roughly 19-23%...depending on which measuring approach I took. Calipers had me at 19, and the bodyfat scale had me at 23. Because caliper readings are harder and less accurate the more you're trying to pinch, it may be a while before I really start getting accurate readings.

This week can be summarized in one word: Ow.


Starting with P90X

So for the first time in several years, I'm taking on a transformation program FOR REAL.

I have left myself no outs, and no leeway.

I'm making myself accountable by posting this blog.

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