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End of Week 7 - Bring on Recovery 2

Landmark day today, as I weighed in at 178.8! That's the first time in a couple of years that I've been down in the 170's.

Still it's interesting to note to that at the end of my 2nd challenge when I was at 5% back in 2000, I was 20 pounds LIGHTER. Not that it'm my goal to be that light again - it's not. I just must have been SO small!

So this week is another...

"Recovery Week"...but in quotations because it's still extremely hard work.

I will have TWO Yoga sessions this week, the first being today...and then two of those totally evil Core Synergistic routines.

Still, it will nice to have a break from Plyometrics, which still absolutely kicks me, especially when we get to the Rock Star move where you jump like Peter Townsend. Actually, and of the high-jumping stuff is devastating to me - and when they go double-time on the DVD? Forgeddaboudit.

So while I feel like I'm "bringing it" at about 80% of what I could/should, here's where I'm not:

  1. Ab Ripper X - For whatever reason, I STILL haven't gotten back into doing that routine since the 2nd week - maybe even the first. This is really the thing that bothers me the most because I really am playing full out on all the other routines (though I still use the chair/bar assist on the majority of my pullups.) And while I know that actually DOING the routine would help the problem I'm about to describe, I get stopped in a lot of the core routine because somehow my back gets engaged in a way that I can't get past. This is clearly one of the reasons I'm not NOT fond of core synergistics because as Tony says in the intro, it goes after my weak spots.
  2. Soups. After the first few weeks of spending just a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen, I've gotten slack on my soup-making which is having an impact on my vegetable consumption for sure. I'm still getting the major macronutrient ratios in as far as carbs, protein, and fat, but the vitamins and minerals from the soups aren't happening, with most of my veggies coming at dinner time in the form of steamed brocolli. The significance of the impact of this, I'm not sure.
  3. Sleep. I'm still only getting around 6 hours of sleep. My body just is up when it's up, and it rarely matters what time I get to sleep. Between 4 and 5am, I'm up and that's it.

Even with those areas, I'm still happy with where I am in all of this. Could it be better? Could I be stronger? Absolutely. But I'm still clear that I AM going to be in the best shape of my life at the end of this 12 weeks.

The change in my body shape is definitely having an impact on how my clothes fit. My shorts are all just way too big now, but I haven't really even put on a pair of jeans in a few weeks to see where I am with that. Maybe today...

So only 5 more weeks to go.

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