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Core Synergistics - Take 2

Continuing my recovery week, there was another day of Core Synergistics.

After the debacle that was my first attempt, I thought I'd start my day with the same routine as in my last blog post where I had a particlularly good Kenpo X Day...

Spinach Scramble and Grapefruit then workout about an hour and a half later.

Well, I definitely did better this time, but still struggled in the last few sets, particularly that horrifying Dreya Roll, of which I could do one.

One of my challenges remains to be a burning that I get in my stomach near the end of each intense workout. And I know that this is too much information, but I also get really bad burps, and nausea begins to creep up on me.

I've never been when to keep pushing when I'm feeling nauseaus, so I'd break and drink water until the feeling passed.

Overall though, I did much better this time around, but I have yet to do what I'd consider a full Core Synergistics workout.

On another note, it's interesting how my dreams are affected by my fully taking on a workout regimen.

Historically, I'll usually have dreams that I'm eating or drinking something that I shouldn't and then have huge regret in the dream like, "Oh, NO! Why did I do that??"

It's always such a relief to wake up and realize that it was, in fact, just a dream - though admittedly it reveals just how obsessive I can get during these times.

Two days ago I dreamed I was trying on old jeans to see how they were fitting.

Weird, I know.

But generally these dreams indicate that I truly am unwavering in my commitment.

And hey - only 8 1/2 weeks to go...(9 1/2 if you count the week 13 recovery - which I haven't decided if I'm counting or not...)

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