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Welcome to BodyChangers

While most people are probably familiar with me from my appearance in the film "The Secret" and my other work with the Law of Attraction, there was a time when I was associated with fitness.

In 2000, I undertook my first "physique transformation challenge", and that 12 weeks changed the entire direction of my life.


Although I didn't achieve the exact results I wanted during that first challenge, I succeeded in making fitness a lifestyle choice, rather than a chore.

For me, having had no previous fitness experience aside from a few physical fitness courses in college, this was a huge deal.

More significantly, it got me extremely interested in taking my results to a new level, and I made it my pasttime to study the results of others who had acheived results more in alignment with what I had wanted originally.

It was from this study that the first "BodyChangers" site was created in about June of 2000.

The site featured not only before and after pictures of people who had undergone a similar transformation process, but also audio interviews with each person where my intention was originally to ask them about their diet and exercise program.

I had it in my mind that results came from strictly exercise and nutrition related action. And although results certainly depend on those actions to a degree, I learned something much more significant, and as a result the direction of the interviews began to change.

What I learned was that the people who made truly amazing transformations did so because they had also made a transformation on the INSIDE. They had become clear on who they were, what they were passionate about, and most importantly, why a successful physique transformation was essential for them to be able to play out who they wanted to be in this world.

For me this journey became about doing what I'd previously considered to be impossible, and while my focus was on physical changes at the beginning, over time that focus turned into a passion for human potential on a much bigger scale.

After my first challenge, I decided to dig deeper into the science of exercise and nutrition and got involved with a coach and an excellent program that taught me more about fitness in a few short weeks than I'm sure many personal trainers know.

As a result, I was able to acheive what I still consider to be a dramatic transformation in 11 weeks that no one could have ever convinced me was possible before a year earlier.


Some would say (and many did) that I got TOO lean during this challenge. The word "scrawny" was even used by a friend of mine. But to me, this was an unbelievable success.

You see, I just wanted to know that I could DO IT. I had no intention of living at the 5% body fat I attained during that challenge, but to have gone from 194 lbs. and 26% body fat to 158 lbs. and 5% body fat in a span of 11 months (there were several months between the first two challenges where I just relaxed and worked out like a normal person) gave me the following thought:

If I can do THIS, what ELSE in my life that I've thought was impossible might I be capable of?

For about a year I simply maintained a healthy lifestyle with fitness at the forefront. The first two challenges were associated with contests, which is why I pushed myself for extreme results. I got kind of burned out on the contest thing, and just focused on keeping fit, which is what I did - for the most part.

All the while, the original BodyChangers site was getting bigger and bigger, and getting more attention. I was getting email from all over from people telling me how the site had inspired them or changed their lives - that their goals were to someday be featured on the site. All of this because I had this intuitive nudge to play a little bigger with my own passion and interest in fitness.

A huge turning point in my life came when I attended a charity event called "Wish Lift" (benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation) in Raleigh, North Carolina in June of 2001.

This was the first time I ever came face to face with the actual people I'd interviewed and others who were just fans of the site.

It's one thing to get email about how the work had inspired people. It was entirely different to stand in the energy of real physical people sharing their stories of how the BodyChangers site had put them into action in making a difference in their own lives.

There were actually many life-changing events that took place during those few days in Raleigh that had me focus life in a much bigger way. I had already learned that people that were clear on their passions had the greatest results in the physical transformation world, but I also really got that living a life of passion is what it's ALL about, and it was then that I began to change the focus of all of my work toward the whole experience of life, not just fitness.

The questions in my interviews became less about diet and exercise and more about the person I was interviewing. Why were they taking on this transformation? What was their vision? What stopped them when they were stopped, and how did they get back on track? What impact did their transformation have on the lives of those around them?

These interviews painted a much bigger picture of possibility and eventually led me to the work I do now with Boundless Living and eventually led me to the work that I do that resulted in my appearing in "The Secret".

In 2002, I got the nudge to take on another "official" transformation. There was no contest involved, but I was feeling that to some extent I had gotten lazy about my workouts and attention to good nutrition and I wanted to give myself a kick in the butt.

For this transformation, I chose a much more extreme program that was designed specifically for getting competitive bodybuilders ready for the stage. While I never had those kinds of aspirations, I did want extreme results.

The program was ridiculously taxing on me. The eating plan was boring, and the workouts were repetitive and always to failure. I hated it, and I didn't last the entire 12 weeks. I was just getting completely burned out. However, having said that I believe the results I got were some of the best I'd experienced because I didn't feel scrawny and although my body fat percentage was 6% (I was hoping for something crazy like 3-4% to beat my previous 5%), I think overall I was probably much healthier LOOKING.



May-July 2002

That was the last time, aside from a couple of "mini-challenges" that I took on for no more than 6 weeks at a time here and there, that I ever committed so strongly to an exercise and fitness program...and the years have taken their toll.

There was a time back then that I couldn't FATHOM missing a workout or straying from my nutrition plan.

So what happened?

In early 2002, I quit my job to pursue the creation of my own business. While that's another whole story entirely (with an amazing outcome of its own), what it did was totally change my behavior pattern.

Previously, my gym workouts occurred on my way to work, about 5:30 in the morning. When I stopped having to go to work, it became more challenging to make myself get to the gym, and over the course of just a few weeks, my pattern was broken completely.

I tried to work out at home, but was so distracted by my computer and other tasks related to replacing my income that it wasn't long before working out regularly was just a memory.

Over the years, I've tried to get back into the habit, but it's never clicked like it did back in "the day." I've felt myself get bigger and bigger. I've felt my energy level decline. I've had health issues that I shouldn't be having. In a nutshell, I felt as though I'd just become "average" again.

Well I stand for the extraordinary in life - in all areas. But certainly if you let your health go, it's much harder to fully enjoy the other successes you have in your life.

Recently, I hit a breaking point. The health issues I've been dealing with (nothing life-threatening, mind you, but enough to know that it's absolutely time to do something) got to the point where I was BACK in the hospital with the same symptoms that started my down my fitness path back in 2000.

So while I was able to make the decision to do SOMETHING, I also knew that utilizing any of the programs I'd used in the past was going to cause me to feel bored....kind of a been there/done that feeling. I know this because the "mini challenges" I attempted between 2003-2005 were based on programs I'd done before and I just could stick with them.

This all brings me to P90X.

Now I'd seen the infomercials just like many of you had. The difference with P90X however, was that it obviously wasn't based on gadgetry or a fad diet. Clearly this was a program built around just plain working hard, changing things up, and balanced eating.

All this to say, I knew it would work - what I wasn't sure was if I was up to something so extreme. So for the past couple of years of watching that commercial I'd not really even considered taking it on.

But when I made my most recent decision to create extreme change in my physical condition, this is the program that kept coming to the forefront of my mind, and after hovering over the "order" button on the web page for a couple of weeks, I finally ordered the program.

I have resurrected BodyChangers with two intentions in mind at this time:

  • To do what I've always done to create success with my own transformation, and that's create massive accountability by posting my progress online very publicly while hopefully inspiring others into action as well
  • To see if I can catch up with some of the original "BodyChangers" who have maintained a fitness lifestyle to see what they've been up to, what they've taken on, and how they integrate fitness into their lives today outside of the parameters of any kind of contest.

As I type this, I'm already into week 3 of the P90X program. To get caught up with how things are progressing you'll need to read my blog...but to read my blog, you've got to register with this site. It's free of course, but you'll need to register using the form to the left.

I'll see you on the inside.

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